About Us


Our History

Formerly Lady A’s Cheesecakes & Mocha Girl Cakes & Things, it has always been our goal to provide the best quality in desserts and give our personal touch by incorporating flavors from our southern roots and Jamaican heritage.

Alicia's journey started from learning basic cooking skills from her paternal grandmother, who would bake family favorites every week just to put a smile on their faces. Her grandmother was the first one to nurture her love for baking by sending her cookbooks to help her develop baking skills.

This lead to Alicia working for her former high school teacher in catering services as a teenager. Alicia continued her studies by enrolling in cooking school. From there, she has worked in hotel kitchens and took a different turn and decided to work in the baking industry behind the scene, specializing in logistics as well as marketing and product management.

It's all of these things that have led her to want to establish her own bakery, doing what she loves. 


We Love What We Do

We love sweets...specifically, we love CAKE! And what better way to #elevate your life than with that chunky slice of cake loaded with smooth frosting! 


Where We're Headed

As we grow Elevation Cakes & Sweets, we hope you join our family by keeping up with us throughout our journey. Whether it be through placing an order, sewing a seed of love through investment, or just spreading the word out our baked goods, we want you to be a part of our growth!

Help US Grow

As we venture through this journey, we know that our business will not be able to thrive without the support of our customers. Your support allows us to continue to build and ultimately open a physical location or a mobile kitchen. We appreciate any and all donations to Elevation Cakes LLC :-) 

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